The CCIE Routing and Switching of the most difficult IT certifications you can attempt...and I'm taking it in 3 weeks. Boson Stuff 💯CCIE Practice Exam: 💯CCNA Practice Exam: 💯CCNP Practice Exam: 🔬CCENT Lab: 🔬CCNA Lab: 🔬CCNP Lab: Narbik's CCNP to CCIE [...]

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UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE – Synology + Crashplan – $10/month

Unlimited Cloud Storage for $10 a month using Synology DS1019+ and Crashplan. Synology NAS DS1019+: NAS Hard Drives: CrashPlan Pro $10/month: Noble Coyote Coffee: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📺📺Checkout my AZ-900 Course on CBT Nuggets: ℹ Official Website: **Below you will find what are known [...]

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Do you REALLY want it? Why? CCENT, CCNA, A+, Security+

Are you having trouble focusing on getting your IT certification? Have you even started? just don't want it bad enough. Why do you even want to get your CCENT, CCNA, A+? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📺📺Checkout my AZ-900 Course on CBT Nuggets: ℹ Official Website: **Below you will [...]

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Is MPLS DEAD?!? w/ Keith Barker and Jason Gooley | CCNA CCNP CCIE

Has SD-WAN killed MPLS? Let's ask the experts! Jason Gooley and Keith Barker, both double CCIEs, tackle this topic and have exciting news about Cisco Live! 🔥SIGNUP for their session at CiscoLIVE! 🔥 JASON GOOLEY @jason_gooley Twitter: Instagram: 🎸MetalDevOps: 🎸 YouTube: Instagram and Twitter: [...]

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HACK your IT Study Habits – CCENT – CCNA – A+ | Atomic Habits

Have you lost your motivation to keep studying for your CCENT, CCNA, CompTIA A+ certification exam? We can't rely on motivation alone....we need to HACK our brains using ATOMIC HABITS!! Read Atomic Habits - Join the CCNA Study Group: 📺📺Checkout my AZ-900 Course on CBT Nuggets: [...]

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2 Steps to Getting Started in Networking (and IT!) | CCENT | CompTIA A+

2 Steps to Getting Started in Networking (and IT!) | CCENT | CCNA | CompTIA A+ This is IT! Latest Episode: Subscribe to 🔥This is IT!🔥 ➡️ ➡️ YouTube: Spotify: SoundCloud: iTunes: Stitcher: 📺📺Checkout my AZ-900 Course on CBT Nuggets: ℹ [...]

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CCIE or AWS? – Interview with Anthony Sequeira from CBT Nuggets // This is IT! Show

Anthony Sequeira, CCIE, CBT Nuggets trainer, expert in AWS, CompTIA A+, and a tennis pro! In this interview, we talk about...pretty much all of it! Subscribe to the Podcast! Spotify: Soundcloud: iTunes: Subscribe to Anthony: Checkout Anthony on CBT Nuggets: Follow Anthony on [...]

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AWS Expert Bart Castle – CBT Nuggets | This is IT! Episode 4

Welcome back to This is IT! In this Episode, Bart Castle goes over what it takes to start down the path of AWS certification. How to get started with AWS Certifications - CCNA? CompTIA A+? Podcast: Spotify: Soundcloud: iTunes: What to get AWS certified? Check [...]

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WI-FI 6, Why it’s the BIGGEST update to Wi-Fi EVER! – 802.11ax

We have a new wireless standard... 802.11ax or WIFI 6...and it's AMAZING!! It's not just faster, it changes the game! With features like OFDMA, TwT, and BSS Coloring, wifi will never be the same. This video was sponsored by Cisco. Learn more about WiFi-6/802.11ax: Check out this [...]

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